Fostering An Effective Team Environment

  • Teams are made up of a number of unique individuals, and drawing those different personalities together sometimes needs a boost. This half-day workshop assists in developing the individuals in your team into a cohesive working group. The workshop provides participants with the insight and tools to improve team culture and encourages staff members to work together with respect and consideration. Underpinning this workshop is the premise that every staff member contributes to the team culture and attendees learn how they can influence their team environment in a positive way.

Content and discussion within this workshop includes:

  •  Definition of an effective team
  • Characteristics of a good team player 
  • Activity: strengths each person brings to the team
  • Respecting difference and diversity
  • Organisational Values versus personal Values
  • Tuckman Model
  • Activity: Rights & Responsibilities
  • Activity: What is working well/what could be done better

 For cost, and further information, on the “Fostering An Effective Team Environment” workshop, please contact Linda Wilson on 0431 693 313 or via email .