Managing Difficult Conversations

All employees and managers need to conduct difficult conversations. Difficult conversations cannot be avoided, but they can be managed effectively. This highly useful and practical workshop provides participants with the confidence and strategies to constructively and professionally manage difficult conversation with customers, clients, service users, colleagues and managers. The workshop focuses on:

  • Defining a “difficult conversation”
  • Understanding the emotional impact of difficult conversations
  • The reasons why people avoid difficult conversations
  • Levels of escalation with unresolved conflicts
  • The PALCIAN Approach to managing difficult conversations
  • Techniques to avoid arguing when having a difficult conversation
  • Seeking support and self-care

Length of workshop: Three hours
Maximum number of participants: 25 participants
Cost: $2,800.00, plus GST

Comments & Testimonials from previous attendees

“Understanding and unpacking the levels of conflict was extremely beneficial to understanding why it is critical to deal with difficult conversations and situations in the early stages.”

“Thank you Linda, for showing us The Palcian Approach as it is an incredibly valuable tool for us to have on hand to ensure we are being professional and having meaningful dialogue when having those difficult conversations with clients and customers.”

“I loved this training, all the steps are mapped out in an easy to use fashion. The facilitator was brilliant – clear and practical.”

“This workshop gave me the tools and skills to be able to manage difficult conversations. I previously avoided having these types of conversations, but now I feel very confident.”

“Difficult conversations are an everyday occurrence to me, and now they no longer give me stress!”
Linda, the trainer, was captivating and kept me intrigued and engaging. It is nice being in a larger group and still feeling individually heard.”

“The calming techniques discussed in this workshop were really helpful, as I struggle with getting worked up in challenging conversations.”

“The content was very informative, it was broken down into manageable chunks, and is easy to apply.”