The Managing Stress workshop is an intelligent, practical program offering highly effective and easy-to-manage techniques to manage stress, build resilience and increase wellbeing. The skills and strategies covered in the workshop ensure that participants gain a deep understanding of stress and how to manage stress successfully. Content of the program includes:

  • Definition of stress
  • Individual self-assessment
  • The body’s response to stress
  • The sympathetic nervous system versus the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Strategies to decrease cortisol overload and manage the body’s reaction to stress
  • Practical techniques to manage stress and build long-term resilience
  • Develop a Stress Management Plan
Length of the workshop: 9.30am to 3.00pm
Maximum number of participants: 25
Cost: $3,000, plus GST

Comments from previous attendees

“Wow! Finally information and techniques about how to manage stress, that are easy, effective and make sense.”

“I thought I knew how to manage my stress levels, but I have learnt so much more from this workshop.”

“Linda has a direct and fun approach that I really enjoyed, she makes everything easy to understand and I now know what stress management strategies are best for me and my life.”

“Great tools to take-away and use both at work and at home. I can even do some of the techniques during a stressful meeting!”

“I learnt that it is not too late to make changes for the better, in terms of managing my stress.”

“I suffer from anxiety and the things I learnt in this workshop will help me immensely.”

“Thank you for bringing to our organisation a workshop that truly makes a difference.”